June 23, 2017

Ultimate Hamburger | Tomas’ Test Kitchen

Post by Felicia

Tonight we’re making the ultimate burger starting with the sous vide then finishing in cast iron and blowtorching for char.

If that sounds like a lot of work for a burger, well it is. But is absolutely worth it for the flavor, texture and all around deliciousness.

Here’s what you need:

  • 6 ounces of chuck per burger
  • smoked cheddar or gouda
  • pretzel bun is best, but you con also use a freshly baked sour dough
  • sauce: mayo, ketchup, bbq sauce, and mustard
  • fixings: tomato, lettuce, pickles
  • pickled red onions

This juicy burger is packed with smokey flavors. The addition of pickled onions really cuts through to balance out the smoke. If you’re not an onion fan, we still recommend you give this a try. The quick pickle takes all the oniony taste away and leaves you with a bright citrusy flavor.

A good burger starts with the meat. Tomas went to the butcher for some Grass-fed pasture-raised chuck and had them triple grind the meat to get the texture he wanted. A burger like this cost roughly $10 each to make at home (largely due to quality meat costs) but would be more like $25 in a restaurant so two for one if you make them yourself.

All that said, the superior quality of this burger wouldn’t suffer if you got yourself 80/20 from the store. Our philosophy just tends to be that if you are going to put in all this work, you might as well make it the best.


The recipe is a Frankenstein of Serious Eats, Zuni cafe, and our guest Matt Galligan‘s signature burger recipes.