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June 7, 2017

Shrimp & Grits | Tomas’ Test Kitchen

Post by Felicia

We’re making shrimp and grits live. Carmel Hall and Tomas will be working on this American standard. Typically, grits can be overwhelming and is something that would take hours to make. To make this dish an easy brunch or weeknight meal, we decided to see if our Instapot could give us the rich flavor and texture we were going for in under an hour.

As you’ll see above, it definitely did. The texture was rich, creamy and soft. Adding in a homemade shrimp stock and and lots of cheese definitely helped.

Here’s How

For the shrimp, we bought fresh Mexican shrimp with the shells on. We show you how to prep and devein and also chat a bit about the difference between shrimp and prawns. Turns out, in cooking there isn’t one. As for those shells, we use those too to make a quick stock to for our grits.

We topped the plate off with some pan sautéed mushrooms for more of a savory, earthy flavor and also add a sous vide egg. The yolky egg mixed well with the cheesy grits adding richness and depth to the dish.

Overall, we were all really impressed by how easy it was to create rich flavors thanks largely to the Instapot. There was a wide range of texture making each bite unique. Oh, I forgot to mention the bacon. A surprise pop of crispy salty bacon only adds to a perfectly comforting weeknight dish.

Also nice, there were barely any dishes to clean afterwards. Using only one pan, a cutting board, and the Instapot, we were happy for the quick clean up after such a filling meal.

NOTE: We lost power at the end using too many gadgets at once. You can watch the final plating here.

Posted by Tomas' Test Kitchen on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

This episode of Test Kitchen was filmed live on June 6, 2017. Angela Thang joins us at the counter and I’m sure our resident Southerner Brown Hues will be the ultimate judge.