Catfish & Biscuits

Shrimp Étouffée

Moroccan Salmon

Miso Glazed Fish

Sous Vide Lobster

Scallops Seared with Miso

Pan-Seared Salmon

Behind the Counter

Tomas' Test Kitchen is about the people, stories, food and not being 'recipe zombies'. We tell folks it's Julia Child's meets Wayne's World, which feels pretty accurate. We film live from Tomas' actual kitchen on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Every episode we have a guest chef cooking with us and few friends at the 'chefs counter' watching and asking questions. In under an hour (we hope), the TTK crew cooks a restaurant-worthy recipe and have great conversation along the way. Read more about Tomas and the history of Test Kitchen here.


About Tomas

Tomás Puig attended San Francisco Cooking School and believes in changing the world through encouraging people cook at home. This allows them to express their culture, interact with the local food producers, and control their nutrition. Tomas lives and works in San Francisco. (That means his kitchen is way too small)