February 8, 2017

How to Sous Vide Vegetables – A Simple Guide

Post by Tomas

I have to say that Sous Vide vegetables are one of the most delicious things ever. They’re also fast and keep a larger portion of their nutritional value that blanche and steaming techniques. However people get confused about how long and what temperature to cook them at.

This guide is a mixture of Modernist Cuisine’s data tables and my own experience. It also assumes you know the basics of sous vide technology.

Vegetable Temp and Timing

This assumed peeled
85C for 15 minutes, can go longer but after 25 minutes they get a duller green.

I don’t peel before and then do it with dish gloves once they’re hot. If they cool are much harder to peel.
85C for one hour.

This assumed peeled
85C for 40 minutes or longer if desired

Celery Root
This assumed peeled, try these, they’re pretty wonderful and under used
85C for 1.5 hours

Corn on the Cobb
60C for 15 minutes but I prefer longer for bigger pieces

Daikon Radishes and Regular Radishes
85C for 25 minutes

Assuming a half bulb
85C for 30 minutes

Make sure you clean these well and cut off the root, I love them with a vinaigrette
85C for 1 hour

Pearl Onions
85C for 50 minutes to 1 hour

Sweet Onions
Cut in half
88C for 45 minutes, if whole 1.5-2 hours

85C for 1.5 – 2 hours depending on size

Summer Squash (Zucchini  and Yellow)
Not peeled
65C 40 minutes minimum and longer if you’re doing the whole veggie

Autumn Squashes (Acorn, Butternut, Delicata)
This is for peeled and chopped, which use a sturdy knife and be very careful
85C and from 25 minutes for small pieces to 2 hours for huge chunks

I really do love the sweetness of these, peeled before going in the bag
85C for 35 minutes

Brushed clean and whole
90C for 10-20 minutes

Assumes brushed clean, can be peeled if desired
85C for 30 minutes but longer if a huge potato

What do I put in the sous vide bag with them?

All of these vegetables can be cooked with some salt and nothing but themselves in the bag. However, I’ll often add some nice olive oil or super finely chopped herbs.

A bit of warning for you: A little goes a long way when seasoning due to the long bagging time on some vegetables.

Problems with sous vide bath temps getting hot enough

A common problem when dealing with a very high temperature bath is home machines have trouble getting hot enough.

  1. Cover the bath with plastic wrap. It won’t melt and will keep a lot of heat in
  2. If that fails try moving from plastic containers to a metal pot
  3. If both of those fail you need a smaller bath container
  4. if none of these work get a higher powered sous vide machine.

Finishing for looks

Often I’ll brown or Sauté the vegetables for a little color if I peel like it before bagging them. But frankly they can be gorgeous just glistening whole on the plate as well.