Oven Roasted Trout

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One summer when I was young I went fishing every day for almost two weeks. I didn’t catch a single fish.

The summers where I grew up in Campbell, CA were a couple of things: hot and full of my mother wanting me out at the house. So one summer my childhood best friend and I decided to learn how to fish. How we managed to convince our parents this was a good enterprise I have no idea. But it kept us busy.

In fact I went fishing every day for almost two weeks and didn’t catch a single one. I did managed to get soaked in the lake by “accident” twice though.

I didn’t actually eat a whole trout until I was traveling through France a few years ago. I was in the small town on Nimes more renowned for the Roman ruins than the cuisine. But the food was rustic and wonderful and a small restaurant had it on the menu. The fish arrived and I looked at it nervous and wide eyed. After digging in it was juicy, bright, and comforting. Western culture don’t eat many whole fish but the bones and skin give it an unrivaled flavor. It is one of my favorite memories of the region and I still love eating it on bright spring days.


1 Whole Trout
3 Lemons
2 Sprigs Thyme (or parley / green herb of your choosing)
3 Slices Fennel
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Oven preheat to 425 and Broiler After
Most of the trouts come pre-cleaned but if there is a bit left clean out the inside of the fish as normal.
Salt the outside and inside of the fish. Don’t overwork about overselling here. Let the salt rain from above.
On each side of the fish make four slits in the skin.
Zest two of the lemons and mix zest with a pinch of salt. (by this I mean shave off the outside yellow layer of the lemon with a microplane)
Pack the eight slits (four on each side) with the lemon zest and salt mix.
Slice three thin slices of one of the lemon and lay it inside. Lay the thyme inside and stuff the fennel inside the fish.
Put aluminum foil lined pan under the fish and throw it in the pre heated oven for 10 minutes.
It then goes in the broiler for 2-3 minutes to develop the skins crisp.