August 27, 2014

Poaching Fish with the Girardet Method

Post by Tomas

I was reading through “Modernist Cuisine” recently and came across a double page spread on the Giradet Method. This method claimed to wonderfully poach fish to a perfect consistency and not use sous vide techniques.

The key learning is that it works wonderfully but I don’t think I would use it again in a home situation.

The technique as described involves a black shallow pan with a bed of shallots on top of it. Then layered on top of these shallots is the cut of fish to weight them down. Then the fish is covered up half way in dry white wine to act as a heat conductor and equalizer. This is then all shoved into a piping hot broiler for six minutes.

Now this fish came out wonderfully with some nice browning on top. Wonderfully done and in fast time.

So home gas ovens shut off the broiler when they reach about 550 degrees F. so you have to prop the door oprn a bit to not have it go off. This makes it hot enough to light the wine in the dish and lets just say I did spill a teeny bit and got some flames going.

The main reason I wouldn’t use this at home is it takes quite a bit of wine to cover the fish. This wine never gets used in a sauce and just gets tossed after. So it’s a pretty expensive heat equalizer. So this is out in the future.