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  • Tomas Puig

    Long ago I became passionate about cooking and started my culinary journey.


Tomás Puig is a cook and founder of the weekly live broadcast of Tomas’ Test Kitchen. He attended San Francisco Cooking School and believes in changing the world through encouraging people cook at home. This allows them to express their culture, interact with the local food producers, and control their nutrition.

Tomas lives and works in San Francisco. (That means his kitchen is way too small)

Getting around to cooking more was a long path. Tomas’ career started at NASA Ames research center where he worked on computer security and web development. However he quickly moved to the entertainment and branding side starting in music production with recording such artists as Jack Johnson, Clay McClinton, and Laura Cash. Over the time he spent in music production he fell in love with film and started producing advertising and branding.

In Advertising after his award winning FuseTV, IFC, and Namco campaigns Tomas was recruited by Studio One Films (Part of the A.G. Nadiadwala Group) to become their head of technical / creative in Bollywood. He launched major USA based brands in India and directed music videos. Tomas’ has directed projects that have won 4 Gold National Addy's, several Cannes CLIO’s, and festival awards.

Tomas attended San Francisco Cooking School to get a full culinary degree. He also learned he'd never be good at working in a commercial kitchen.

He now works and cooks up a storm in the city he loves. It should also be noted that he is a giant geek who loves video games (currently playing The Witcher 3), Legos, breaking his Arduino set ups, and playing with his dog.



Below are the pillars that make up the Tomas' Test Kitchen effort. TEACHING The show will focus on teaching things in real time. Bringing to the front ways to use things as skills and not just recipes. INTERACTIVE Test Kitchen will always strive to interact with its audience in real time. No question is too basic. Trolls will be ignored when presented. INCLUSIVE Test Kitchen will always strive to have a diverse set of guests and opinions. However, it is not a free speech platform against marginalized groups. INTELLIGENCE Sophisticated thoughts and research should shine though. We present more modern skills on occasion but never lose sight of using the basics. AWARE The show happens in real time and is aware of the outside world and the events taking place. We focus in general on local or sub-culture and not national news. VIEWER ADVOCACY Test Kitchen will always remember where the viewer is in their culinary journey and seek to meet them there.