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January 5, 2016

Cooking The French Laundry – Pickled Oysters with English Cucumber “Capellini” and Dill

Post by Tomas

This is part of a series of cooking famous chef’s dishes. As they are not test kitchen originals they will not appear in the recipe section.

Some things just look delicious and decadent with only a photo. Like this one I took.

Dill and Oyesters

Again Thomas Keller driven by an amazing Costco sale of caviar for $40 at two ounces. As a side note I don’t think this would work without the caviar. I went with something a bit more meaty called sturgeon caviar Malossol. And the Kumamoto Oysters at my grocery store at $2 each. The cucumber? less than a dollar. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never pickled anything until I tried this recipe.

The version I made is a bit heartier than Keller does. I also wanted to eat way more than one.


Rock salt mixture:

6 cups rock salt
12 star anise
12 bay leaves
24 allspice berries
18 cloves
30 black peppercorns

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and transfer to large jar. I honestly didn’t do as much of this as it’s a garnish.


1 cup white wine vinegar
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 star anise
3 cloves
6 coriander seeds
3 stems fresh dill
6 oysters, scrubbed clean

Bring vinegar, water, sugar, star anise, cloves, coriander seeds, and dill to a boil. Tak it off the heat and transfer to a glass container to cool. Once the liquid is cooled and this takes a while open oysters and reserve top shells. Using scissors remove beard from each oyster and wash oysters under cold running water to remove milky residue. If you leave it it pickles pretty gross. Pat dry the oysters and add to pickling liquid. Cover and refrigerate 12 hours (but no more than 36).

Cucumber “capellini”:

1 med. English cucumber, peeled
1/2 tsp. kosher salt
1 Tbsp. rice wine vinegar
1 tsp. fresh dill, chopped

Slice cucumber lengthwise on mandoline set at 1/16″ until you reach the seeds. Turn cucumber and repeat process on other three sides. Discard the seedy core. Stack the slices cut into 1/16″ julienne. Combine cucumber, salt, and vinegar in glass or ceramic bowl. Marinate 30 minutes until the soften. Drain the mixtrues gently squeeze out excess liquid. Add the dill and toss.


• 1 oz. sevruga
• 6 fresh dill sprigs

To serve, make a bed of rock salt mixture on a serving plate. Twirl some cucumber “capellini” on a fork and put in the shells. Then add an oyster on top. On top of it all add the caviar and then eat the delicious result.