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    Tomas' Test Kitchen is a live cooking show broadcast on Facebook every Thursdays at 6PM PST. On this site you can also find recipes, sous vide techniques, and our blog. If you miss the main broadcast on Facebook Live watch the archives here.

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Sorry we are not currently streaming live  but you can view the most recently recorded show below


The Test Kitchen is a hobby that makes no money and no value can be exchanged for attending. (We may on occasion charge a venue fee for the rental) It is unrefined, yet well executed. So come explore the food, each other, and bring something liquid (or a toy for the dog and cat).


Most of the food I cook is focused on feeding more than one to two people. I believe food acts as a great catalyst that brings people together. 


Many of the recipes use more modern equipment like Sous Vide machines and electric pressure cookers. However, you'll find a fair amount of traditional style cooking as well.


The test kitchen has a small community that attend the events every week. These people serve as taste testers, friends, and are all around smart folks.



Tim Kuang Van Loan on taking risks in life and in the kitchen

Tomas and I have both known Tim for years, a decade each in fact. He’s a quirky guy in the best possible way. Tim’s passionate about life. Friends, cocktails, costumes, and dancing have always been a big part of who he is and how he we both know him. But, one may wonder, how did […]

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How to Sous Vide Vegetables – A Simple Guide

I have to say that Sous Vide vegetables are one of the most delicious things ever. They’re also fast and keep a larger portion of their nutritional value that blanche and steaming techniques. However people get confused about how long and what temperature to cook them at. This guide is a mixture of Modernist Cuisine’s […]

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Sumac Chicken and confessions from the Castro

This week Dale Stephens is hanging out discussing gay culture, politics, and making Sumac Chicken. To save you some time, we have edited down a highlights video of the best advice from Test Kitchen Live. Sumac brightens and adds acid to a dish. This particular preparation is a crowd pleaser and simple to prepare. Sumac […]

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